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Help Conserve Canada's Reptiles and Amphibians. 
For now, and for generations to come.


We are a not-for-profit organization that focuses on reptile and amphibian conservation across Canada, or by Canadians! We exist to conduct and support in situ and ex situ conservation efforts. Meet our Board of Directors!


Our activities include protecting and restoring habitats, mitigating threats, monitoring and augmenting populations, engaging communities, furthering public education, and advancing research by partnering with Canadian conservation initiatives across Canada.


Want to help support Canadian reptiles and amphibians through our actions? Donate today!

Get Involved

Want to learn about a project happening in your part of Canada? Want to start your own conservation project? Let ARCC help!


January 10, 2022 we became an official organization.

Charitable Status

We're currently working on the charitable status application through the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Latest Project


We are currently waiting to hear back from numerous Canada Summer Jobs applications. This will help offset some of the cost in hiring summer employees. We hope to aid 14 other partners and projects with their conservation efforts

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